The try-out process at Arizona Element Elite for 8 years old and older, is a 3 day process. Two days of Cheer basics along with Motions, Jumps, Dance and Body Positions with the 3rd day reserved for Tumbling.

If you are ages 3-7, this is a one day process where all skills will be reviewed.

When you sign up for tryouts, if you are over 8 years old,  you need to sign up for two sessions. The first session which is two days is by age grouping. The second session is the third day and is based off tumbling levels.

Worlds level athletes will try out separately. They will have two sessions covering all areas with their 3rd session as their call back session.

Once we complete all the sessions, teams will be developed based on the talent that showed up for try-outs. Sometimes placements may not be what you expected. This does happen but, if you feel placement was improper, speak to us. Sometimes nerves get in the way and it takes a couple of weeks for kids to calm down. Over the summer time, athletes can be moved to a different level team, this happens when they either start to stop consistently showing their skills.

To register for try-outs please:

Download the registration forms, and have them completed for the first session of tryouts. Once done, REGISTER for the appropriate sessions

Arizona Element Elite

16681 N 84th Ave,

Ste 170,

Peoria, AZ 85382

Phone. 623-215-4122