"Thank you, Arizona Element Elite, for serving not just the cheerleaders, but also the cheerleaders' families. Your warm, welcoming atmosphere allows parents to feel connected not just to the sport, but more importantly - to their child. Thank you for employing positive, encouraging, and well-certified coaches that are committed to meeting the athletes' physical and emotional needs. It is incredible to win 2nd place at NCA at the largest cheer competition and still be able to maintain the focus and priority on creating a safe and positive training atmosphere. Thank you Element. Good luck with your incredible gym expansion and here's to many more years with you! A very thankful gym mom."

Just A. M.

"I went to a few cheer competitions this year and even though my daughter doesn't cheer any longer we love watching the competitions... The coaches at element cheer are great and we love how positive they are with the kids..."

J.C. M.